What’s in it for you? 5 more solutions to existing problems

In this blog article, we already touched 7 existing problems the market is having. However, there is more!

  1. Off-the-shelf ready product
    Inlabs has its own ready-to-market brand, namely Curocaps. Free up your staff and do more with less. Our formulas are ready to market so focus on what matters most.
  2. Tailor-made formula in co-creation
    You could develop a formula in (close) cooperation with our R&D-team to get the product that is closest to your own brand.
  3. Belgian quality assurance
    – Belgium has a longstanding reputation in (para)pharmacy;
    – Improve your quality with cutting-edge manufactured products that your customers trust with a best-in-class product range.
  4. Science-based benefits, open source ingredients
    Inlabs’ products are designed with the latest research to be effective. Upon request, you can get all the Technical Data Sheets of our individual ingredients. Inlabs likes to work in full transparancy and therefor is more than willing to share its expertise and share technical information on ingredients, production, …
  5. Fair pricing
    – Indeed, Inlabs’ products are not the cheapest on the market for food supplements compared to traditional pills & tablets. However, we pride ourselves in being the best in the biodegradable Nespresso┬« compatible capsules;
    – You can be innovative without the cost of developing your own product.

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