What's in it for you? 7 solutions to existing problems

  1. Solution to problems with swallowing
    More than 40% of the population has - physiologically - difficulty swallowing traditional pills, capsules and tablets.
  2. Solves resistance to traditional pills, capsules and tablets
    A lot of people resist to taking pills and tablets as they are associated with drugs or medicines. People do not tend to take reactive drugs or medicines while not feeling sick. However, food supplements are drivers for a proactive healthcare.
  3. A daily routine increases therapy adherence
    Inlabs' capsules brings food supplements closer to people's daily routines. As a result, their therapy adherence - and thus health - rises. 80% of French households have a Nespresso® machine at home. It's part of their daily routine already. Don't miss out on what's an everyday habit for your customers already.
  4. Our unique biodegradable capsules are eco-friendly and sustainable
    People are willing to pay more for green products:
    • 65% would be willing to spend up to 20% more on eco-friendly products;
    • 69% of 18-44-year-olds would be willing to spend more on eco-friendly products, compared to 50% of those aged 45 and over.
  5. Extension of your existing product range
    Do you already offer highly dosed vitamins, minerals, amino acids, ... in a delicious hot drink?
  6. Low MOQ / What's your investment?
    For private label: Optimize your inventory, minimize your risk and order from as low as 38000 capsules per reference. Equal to only 3800 boxes or sleeves of 10 pieces.
    For Curocaps: Is your cashflow under pressure because of an inventory that does not move or do you have too low rotation speed on your products? Are you sending in too late you products near their "Best before date"? Adjusting your approach by choosing Curocaps. As low MOQ as 100 boxes.
  7. Move your food supplement product range from the red ocean it is in to a blue ocean
    New and innovative dosage form where you will have less competitors and can grab market share easily.

Don't stay behind and surf the market trends. Inlabs' solutions are tailored for you!

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