About Inlabs

What drives Inlabs?

  • Making healthcare and optimising quality of life accessible, convenient, tasty and accessible to end consumers by producing high-quality and innovative (para)pharmaceutical formulations in Nespresso® compatible capsules.  
  • Reduce barriers to initiating therapy and adherence, e.g. difficulty or discomfort in swallowing, poor taste, gastrointestinal side effects, association with illness, adherence through tea/coffee ritual, etc.  

What is the commercial purpose of Inlabs?

  • Preventive low-threshold health care instead of reactive health care. 
  • Raising the quality of life in an accessible way 

How does Inlabs make a difference with its scientific knowledge?

  • As an expert in orthomolecular medicine, Dr. Peter Aelbrecht has been active in scientific research for the (para)pharmaceutical industry for 30 years and has also developed numerous formulas for the food supplement industry. 
  • As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Peter Aelbrecht has been leading the research team of Labophar N.V. for 15 years. 
  • Dr. Peter Aelbrecht also heads the Marnes Clinic as medical director. 
  • Inlabs offers formulas developed in-house.  
  • Inlabs also guides you in the development of new formulas in function of a desired indication or treatment goal.