contract manufacturing

Your options for customisation

Customer presents Inlabs with an indication (e.g. formula against depression) and Inlabs develops a customised formula that complies with the legislation of the country concerned. After customer approval, we produce the marketable end product for them including packaging.

The customer comes up with a possible formula and we test whether all the proposed molecules are possible in the capsules, how many end up in the cup and therefore how much we need to adjust the formula. Inlabs then makes a proposal. After the customer's approval, we produce the marketable end product for them, including the packaging.


Inlabs delivers your private label products ready for sale in bulk, boxes of 10 or 20 pieces or sleeves of 10 pieces.

Eco-friendly biodegradable capsules

100% biodegradable, 100% plastic-free, 100% recycled packaging. The climate-neutral and biodegradable capsules are a sustainable alternative to the harmful plastic and aluminium capsules used by the traditional players in the coffee market. The capsules are extremely popular and consist of more than 96% reusable raw materials.

The route to your own capsule products

Project analysis & scope determination
  • Feasibility analysis (bench batch, taste test, industrial feasibility) 
  • Legal framework 
    • Due diligence 
    • Definition of target market, limitations, regulations, ...  
    • A special team of regulators - assisted by an external consultant if necessary - checks the compliance of the formula with the applicable legislation in the destination country. 
    • Assisting with the registration of the formula with the authorities of the country concerned 
  • Cost calculation, price agreement & MOQ determination per reference 
  • Logistics and lead times
Writing the basic formula: You choose the ingredients as well as colour, smell & taste yourself and are not limited to our formulas or products. Consultation with customer and approval of basic formula.
Quantitative analysis (external homologated laboratory) of the active ingredients in the cup of the basic formula. An external homologated lab analyses and certifies the exact quantity of each active ingredient that ends up in the cup. Inlabs then quantitatively adjusts the formula to the desired final therapeutic dose.
Quantitative adjustments in function of lab test results from basic formula to concept formula. Accelerated stability tests.
Flavouring and flavouring concept formula.
Eventual final adjustment of active ingredients of the concept formula in function of the desired taste and flavour to the final formula, followed by presentation of the final formula to the tasting panel.
Fine-tuning of the flavouring and taste final formula in function of the feedback from the tasting panel. Presentation of final formula to client for approval. Possible final adjustments in function of feedback from the client.
Production final formula.
Development and production packaging in consultation with the customer.
Developing your own formulas in cooperation with Inlabs?