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Eco-friendly biodegradable capsules

100% biodegradable, 100% plastic-free, 100% recycled packaging. The climate-neutral and biodegradable capsules are a sustainable alternative to the harmful plastic and aluminium capsules used by the traditional players in the coffee market. The capsules are extremely popular and consist of more than 96% reusable raw materials.

Private label filling of our house formulas

Slim Coffee - Sleep - Detox - Energy - Stress are Vegan/Vegetarian and free from allergens. Multivitamin and Immunity are vegetarian (not vegan) and free of allergens. The lead time is approximately 5-6 weeks (low and high season) after delivery of the packaging boxes.


Inlabs delivers your private label products ready for sale in bulk, boxes of 10 or 20 pieces or sleeves of 10 pieces.
The range of drinkable food supplements in Nespresso® compatible caps from Curocaps by Inlabs is constantly evolving. We currently offer the following formulas:









How to distribute the Curocaps by Inlabs?

Project analysis & scope determination
  • Legal framework 
    • Due diligence 
    • Definition of target market, limitations, regulations, ...  
    • A special team of regulators - assisted by an external consultant if necessary - checks the compliance of the formula with the applicable legislation in the destination country. 
    • Assisting with the registration of the formula with the authorities of the country concerned 
Cost calculation, price agreement & MOQ determination per reference
Logistics and lead times
Development and production packaging in consultation with customer
Optional: Market launch support
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