Expert in development and production of food supplements and OTC products in Nespresso® compatible capsules

Inlabs specialises in the scientific research into the development and production of biodegradable Nespresso® compatible capsules, filled with high-quality food supplements. For this purpose, our scientists select only the most effective active ingredients.

Optimisation of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

In our laboratories, these active ingredients are further optimised in an innovative way to obtain supplements that stand out for their exceptional effectiveness and maximum safety.

Quantitative analyses by an external accredited laboratory

Quantitative analyses of all the active ingredients of the obtained tasty drink after use of the capsule by the Nespresso® machine are carried out by an independent homologated laboratory. This is in order to adjust the formula to the desired optimal dose of the finished product.

Selection of aroma, colour and taste by means of the most modern aromatisation techniques

Obtaining the optimal aroma, colour and taste of the end product is achieved in our laboratories by means of the most modern aromatisation techniques using natural aromatic substances. Next, an evaluation by an independent external tasting panel takes place, after which further optimisation and fine-tuning follows.

Trials we carry out before marketing

Before marketing the end product, we ensure stability and shelf life by means of stability tests according to ICH standards, granulation tests, repetitive tests, taste, smell and colour tests and shelf life tests.

Product innovation

Inlabs attaches great importance to innovation and continuously invests in research and development related to user-friendly dosages for food supplements and OTC products. This way, our customers can make use of the latest technologies, innovations and formulas.