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What's in it for you? 5 more solutions to existing problems
02 maart 2022
In this blog article, we already touched 7 existing problems the market is having. However, there is...
Inlabs' Medical Director: Dr. Peter Aelbrecht
01 maart 2022
Inlabs’ Medical Director Doctor Aelbrecht has done 30 years of scientific research in orthomolecular...
Market penetration Nespresso®* machines
01 maart 2022
Nespresso®* machines have a very big in-house market penetration. Not less than 80% of French households...
What's in it for you? 7 solutions to existing problems
24 februari 2022
Solution to problems with swallowingMore than 40% of the population has - physiologically - difficulty...
Interview with dr. Peter Aelbrecht on Nutrition Insight
09 december 2021
Inlabs is a new company that offers Nespresso®-compatible biodegradable capsules filled with nutraceutical...